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difference between oolong tea and wulong tea

Confused about WuLong and Oolong Tea? Is there a difference?  We’ve gathered all the top questions about WuLong and Oolong Tea and have all your answers inside!

WuLong (Oolong Tea) is a rare and delicately fermented tea that the Chinese have been using for its health benefits for over 400 years.

There has always been great confusion when it comes to Oolong and WuLong tea.The truth is, these two seemingly different names are used to describe the same tea. Some people simply prefer to say WuLong over Oolong or vice versa. There are also other names used such as “wu long” tea and even “wu lung” tea.

The main reason for the different spellings and pronunciations is because WuLong (or pick your favorite alternative spelling) is derived from a Chinese word. The Chinese language does not use an alphabet. Instead, they use characters that represent syllables. So, the actual English spelling of this tea is a phonetic transcription of the Chinese word. This transcription causes the different variations in its English spelling.

Curious about the meanings of these words? Oolong can be translated as, “black dragon.” “Oo” means black and “long” means dragon and this name was created before the 16th century Ming dynasty. This tea is made from the leaves and stems of the Camellia Sinensis plant that is also used to make green and black tea.




WuLong (Oolong) tea is used to treat a variety of medical issues and can help you to become healthier. It has been proven to improve focus, mental alertness, treat heart disease, tooth decay, osteoporosis and even prevent cancer. This tea can also treat diabetes, prevent obesity, atherosclerosis, eczema, reduce high cholesterol and boost your entire immune system.

Oolong or WuLong tea is one of the best natural teas that you can enjoy with its wide array of health benefits. This tea has been used for centuries and can help to improve your life and overall health. So, with that said, we will now take a quick look at some of the benefits in depth.


Oolong tea effects with Anti-Aging Properties


Oolong tea will improve the appearance of your skin and make it look more youthful. It will improve your overall complexion so that it is brighter, clearer and free of age spots, eczema and other blemishes. Your skin will become more resilient and the general tone and feel of your skin will drastically improve.

Oolong tea provides all of these benefits because it contains antioxidants which fight the formation of free radicals in your body. Free radicals cause your body to undergo oxidative stress which accelerates aging, blemishes and wrinkles. So, this tea prevents oxidative stress from occurring which leads to younger and more beautiful looking skin.


Losing Weight while drinking oolong tea


Another benefit of drinking Oolong tea is that it will help speed up weight loss since it boosts your metabolism.

Drinking tea has long been recommended to people who want to eliminate those extra pounds. It’s an excellent alternative to other beverages that may contribute to your overall caloric intake. But with innumerable varieties available on the market, which one is best for weight loss? Studies show that WuLong tea offers the most benefits in terms of helping you lose weight.

What makes WuLong extremely effective for weight loss is that it contains plenty of catechins and polyphenols. These are antioxidants which help fight free radicals and also speed up your metabolism. This enables you to burn more calories and block the storage of fat. WuLong tea also contains caffeine, which enhances your body’s ability to get rid of fat and maintain lean body mass.

Many people struggle with weight loss, but Oolong (WuLong) tea can definitely help to make it much easier. Also, by drinking this tea regularly, it will help to curb your appetite and reduce carb cravings.

WuLong tea has been proven to help burn fat at a much faster rate than green tea which makes it the perfect choice for dieters. Also, since WuLong tea is semi-oxidized, it is full bodied like black tea but light and tasty like green tea.

You may have heard that green tea also works wonders for weight loss. This is absolutely true, but studies suggest that WuLong is the better choice if you want to get the best results.

The primary reason behind this is that green tea contains the least amount of caffeine and caffeine plays an important role in speeding up your metabolism. Green tea makes up for this with its high catechin content. However, WuLong contains the perfect balance of antioxidants, putting you in the best position to shed off those unwanted pounds.

Oolong Tea vs. Green Tea Comparison Chart



Prevent Tooth Decay Drinking Oolong Tea


Oolong tea can help to prevent tooth decay. It helps by reducing the production of acid in your mouth and ensures that bacteria doesn’t survive long enough to start the decay process. It can also reduce the build up of plaque which will definitely help you to have a dazzling smile.



Oolong Teas Effects With Diabetes


WuLong (Oolong) tea can also work to help control diabetes. A study was done in 2003 where diabetes patients drank 1.5 liters of Oolong tea for 30 days. After the time elapsed, doctors found that their blood sugar had significantly reduced. So, if you suffer from this condition, be sure to drink lots of Oolong tea to effectively manage your diabetes.


Energy Boosting Effects of Oolong Tea


This tea will give you a HUGE BOOST in energy to help you lead an active and fulfilling life. Oolong (WuLong) tea does contain a small amount of caffeine. However, unlike coffee, it doesn’t make you feel over energized followed by a crash. WuLong tea also has naturally occuring chemicals like theobromine and theophylline. These work by stimulating your heart, muscles and central nervous system in order to produce the above health benefits.

Since WuLong contains caffeine, drinking it in the morning can provide you with a much needed energy boost. In terms of losing weight, it’s best to drink WuLong 15 minutes prior to your healthy breakfast and lunch to suppress your appetite and regulate insulin spikes.

12 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Oolong Tea

WuLong has a unique and delicious taste. It’s so tasty that you may not notice you’re already on your fifth cup! Most health experts recommend drinking 2 to 3 cups of WuLong tea every day. This should be enough to supply you with plenty of energy for the day and antioxidants to help with your weight loss efforts.

If you don’t enjoy hot tea, then you can make WuLong ICED TEA or simply take the Oolong Tea capsules. If you take the capsules, simply take one capsule 15 minutes before breakfast and 15 minutes before lunch each with a full 8 oz glass of water. Alternatively, you can make iced WuLong tea the same way that you make regular iced tea and have it at the aforementioned times.

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As you can see, drinking WuLong tea has many benefits and can GREATLY enhance the quality of your life.

But, beware! There are many fake and poor quality teas available.

In order to get your money’s worth, make sure you choose authentic, PURE, PREMIUM WuLong tea. It pays to do some research and find out where the WuLong tea comes from. Also, check whether it contains 100% PURE, PREMIUM WuLong tea. You don’t want any fillers, as they can drastically reduce the efficacy of the tea’s health-boosting benefits.

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