Simple Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets You Can Use NOW!

Red Carpet

Do you ever wonder what celebrities do to stay so fit and trim? 

Do they have a personal trainer and workout 5 hours a day?

Do they have a personal chef who prepares only clean, whole foods?

While some celebrities have these luxuries, I found that most celebrities are like you and me.

They have busy schedules, families, work, special events, they travel, and like to indulge just like us.

Celebrities have all the money they could want… and it’s basically their JOB to look good.

Lucky them!

But lucky for YOU, I’ve snagged a list of some real celebrity weight loss secrets so that “the rest of us” can look red-carpet ready, too!

Remember – even though you may not have millions of dollars, your body is the same as every one of these slim, trim, sexy celebs.

The same tricks that work for celebrity weight loss will work for you, too!


1.  Lust After Your Gym Clothes…

It was a great day when I wore an Old Navy workout outfit to the gym and not one, but two people asked me if it was a high-end brand!

In this day and age, mega-retailers have caught on to the fact that workout clothes don’t need to look like gym ‘class’ clothes from the 80’s.

Find yourself a cute shirt or the comfiest training shoes you can afford.

This will make you WANT to get into the gym more, if nothing else so that you can wear clothes and shoes you love!

If you’re like me, you don’t go to the gym very much, but rather opt for at-home exercise, running, and body weight training.

But the concept is the same.

When I wake up in the morning, I get SO excited to wear a pair of my favorite workout shoes and cute little workout top.

And once I put the outfit on – it just doesn’t feel right unless I get some training in, too!

Kate HudsonKate Hudson, one of my favorite actresses, created Fabletics – super cute workout wear at an affordable price.

One of her secrets is to look and feel great in affordable, comfortable, stylish clothes that make you want to go to the gym or get outside and get active!  

She looks fantastic, so something is working!



2.  Do It For You – And ONLY You!

Ultimately, if you don’t want to lose the weight for yourself, you probably won’t see the scale budge.

That’s what Jennifer Hudson discovered when she was finally able to go from a size 16 to a size 6.

Jennifer Hudson“The key about losing weight: You have to do it for you,” she says. “It’s not about even starting the journey, it’s about you. You have to want to do it. And you can’t let what everyone has to say overshadow what you want for you.”

If you’re at a point where you’re genuinely motivated to drop pounds to improve your health and wellness, write it down and start making small changes that will add up to big changes over time! For more resources on eating healthy and exercising, check out our blog and find just what you need to get healthy today!



3.  Eat The Elephant One Bite At A Time…

It’s no fun to think, “I want to lose 20 pounds by summer” or “I need to lose 30 pounds before vacation.”

The whole thing just sounds too intimidating.

Breaking up your ultimate goal into 4 or 5 small goals is more attainable and less daunting. It may take longer, but slow and steady wins the race. We can learn from Khloé Kardashian on this one….

Khloe KardashianIt took Khloé a year and a half to shed 30 pounds.


She worked out regularly, but was unwilling to give up all of the foods she loved. That may sound like slower progress than you’d like to aim for, but taking your time and developing a healthy routine you can stick with for the long haul can help you ultimately lose more weight.

Also, being able to celebrate 4 or 5 times once you hit your smaller goals sounds more fun to me!



4.  Play The Training Guessing Game…

Shay MitchellShay Mitchell uses, what she terms, the “Got To Look Hot In A Week” plan.

Taking your weight loss plan week-by-week is way easier than the thought of giving up ice cream and pizza for life.

She says that in 7 days, she varies her workouts between bicycling, treadmill intervals, and other exercises that keep her body guessing all week.

Plus, by switching things up, you train MORE muscles than if you just stuck to one or two exercises all the time.

But be sure to rest muscles that become sore after your week of workouts in order to prevent injury!


5.  Act Like A Kid…

The first time I took a martial arts class, it felt like I was a kid.

Jumping, kicking, wearing pajamas… loved it!

Try to imagine some workouts that make you feel like a kid.

Maybe it’s getting on a bike.  Perhaps it’s box-jumping, Zumba dance class, or jumping on a trampoline.

When you are having fun while training, you forget it’s ‘training’ at all!

Emmy RossumPlus, as Emmy Rossum puts it, if you take a new class that’s fun, you get to soak up the positive energy around you and it’s a potential to meet new friends!

There’s invariably going to be somebody putting in 110%, which causes you to want to give your all, too.



6.  Shorter IS Smarter!

There is mounting evidence that your body actually gains MORE muscle when you do short, intense workouts as opposed to long, exhausting ones.

Miranda KerrSupermodel Miranda Kerr uses a workout that only requires *twelve* minutes a day.

Four times a week, she does intervals with simple exercises, such as lunges, squats, and star jumps.

Because it’s only TWELVE measly minutes, she can fit it into her busy schedule.

And in case you didn’t know this, she’s basically one of the world’s most famous supermodels… so something is clearly working well about this workout!

Try 12 minutes of burpees, lunges, or sets of box jumps.


7.  Pick The Right Times To Cheat…

Oh, yeah.  You know you’ve done it.

You’ve been eating really good all day so you allow yourself to have a few chips or a small bowl of ice cream at night.

Maybe you order the creamed corn instead of spinach as a side.

You may even have a drink or two… or three or four…

STOP!  This is probably the worst habit you can make in your diet because you sit on those calories all night long without having burned them off… and worse yet – it interrupts your sleep!

And if your sleep is shoddy – your whole body suffers.

Moreover, if you haven’t had a lot to eat in the earlier part of the day, your metabolism isn’t cranked up to handle a binge-fest at night!

Hayden PanettiereStarlet Hayden Panettiere indulges, but makes sure to do it in the morning so that she can burn if off all day.




8.  Ask Yourself “The Question”…

What’s the point?

You may be asking yourself this very question as you run in place on the treadmill or kill your quads doing some squats.

But keeping the bigger question in mind can help you make it through your weight loss slumps.

Celebrity weight loss trainer, Jillian Michaels, started with the question, ‘why do I want to be in shape?” and wrote it down.

She sees her list constantly everywhere to remind herself why she trains and how it will improve her life.

Why do YOU want to be in shape?

Is it to live longer?  To feel better?  To prove to somebody that you ‘still got it’?

It’s nobody’s place to judge why you train, but your own.

So grab yourself a pen and a pad of sticky-notes and write it down.  Now put it in drawers, on your fridge, in your closet, and on your mirrors.

You’ll be so motivated all day that you won’t be able to ditch your workout!


9.  Develop A Self-Love Spidey-Sense…

Going to the gym is NOT always the best thing for you.

Sometimes it’s sleeping in.

And sometimes the best thing for your weight loss goal is to have a cheat day!

You know what is going to motivate you and what will, by contrast, wipe you out!

So listen to your body.

If you aren’t in the mood for weight training, take a walk with the dogs.

Or if you don’t feel like a long workout – just try to do 10 minutes of something fun, like dancing, jumping rope, or going for a swim.

Maybe what your body NEEDS to repair and recover is a nice, long bath!

Cameron DiazCameron Diaz says that taking care of herself is more important than having a ripped stomach.  “…Some days I go to the gym for literally 10 minutes.  But the fact that I got up and got there matters to me.”




10.  Grab Super-Sneaky Ninja Pills & Slimming Tea…

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What are some of your weight loss secrets?? Let me know in the comments below!

Cheers to you!

Yours in Health & Happiness,



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