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I’ve Lost 37 lbs!!

After the birth of my daughter it was very difficult to lose the weight I had gained… So I decided to research fast, safe and effective weight loss solutions. I was impressed by SlimTea’s clinical data and decided I had nothing to lose except the unwanted pounds! After 6 short months of drinking 2 cups of SlimTea a day, along with light exercise and a healthy diet, I have lost 37 pounds! I have never felt better!

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Swap Beer for Capsules

My girlfriend convinced me to swap beer for SlimTea and I couldn’t be happier that I did! In 3 months I was able to lose my beer gut and burn off enough fat that I could finally see results from my workouts. I stopped craving sweets and junk food and I actually had the energy to get up in the morning for my workout. Plus I’ve never been a tea drinker but I actually enjoy the taste and look forward to my pitcher of iced SlimTea everyday.

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I’ve Lost 40 lbs!!

One year ago, I could barely squeeze into a size 14. I read an article on a local TV station’s web site about SlimTea. I started drinking two cups a day and began to lose about one pound every week. I consistently lost an average of 4-5 pounds a month, totaling a loss of over 40 pounds! I have continued eating my favorite foods, but am now satisfied with smaller portions. I am thrilled to be replacing my wardrobe with 6’s and 8’s rather than 14’s!

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I’ve Lost 34 lbs!!

I was just recently engaged and knew I had a year to get my rear in gear… Nothing else worked for me until I started drinking Slimming Tea. Needless to say, I was nervous for my first Wedding Dress fitting. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on my dress and it fell off of my body! I lost 34 lbs and have kept it off for a whole year now. I cannot express how much this tea has helped change my life for the better… It also works to keep your immune system strong and your mind sharp, which is a huge plus!

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I’ve Lost 23 lbs!!

My Slimming Tea gives me the ultimate weapon in my fight against obesity. I learned that I had leptin resistance… and a grehlin problem which sent me to the kitchen with ravenous hunger 2 hours after my 5 p.m. evening meal. The hunger pang only subsided after a cup of Slimming Tea. I dropped from 273 to 250 lbs… Plus Slimming Tea doesn’t give me the caffeine jitters since it only has 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee. And I am able to work out (for two hours every morning!) It is a new lease on life for me!

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I’ve Lost 61 lbs!!

I purchased my first order Oct. 2013 and have not stopped drinking the tea since. As you can imagine, I was elated when all I had done was add the drinking of Wu-Long Tea everyday and the pounds just began to melt away. To date, April 17, 2014 I have lost 16 lbs and a total of 17”. Once I am at my desired weight I will continue to use Wu-Long Slimming Tea to maintain my weight for life.

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I Can Guarantee This Stuff Really Works

I have a condition known as syringomyelia, it is a condition as a result of a spinal cord injury. My health has been improving all the time, praise the Lord, the bottom line is that the pain killers I was using are known as neuropathic pain killers and for whatever reason my weight went up and I ballooned like a beach ball. And I had to find something to get the weight down. And I tried different things out there, there is a lot of stuff out there, but when I found, accidentally stumbled upon Okuma’s Oolong Tea, there were loads of recommendations, references and loads of good things, good vibes about it, So I started using Okuma’s stuff, and I have not looked back since… praise the Lord.

The primary benefit I have seen would be, this is true, I lost two dots or notches on my belt. I lost two sizes on a belt and on my waist. The other thing that I found out with the tea is that I remember going to my GP or physician for a blood test and he was telling me about the lipids in the blood, the fatty tissue in the liver and he was telling me that my numbers were way down, and the tea was cleansing the liver. It was at this point that I started to believe in the Okuma’s Oolong Tea. I went from the tea to the capsules because I am quite a busy person, being from a farming background. I am out and about, so instead of making pots of Oolong tea, use the capsules and I always carry them in a little pill box container. So I just slug the water and slug the capsules and that’s it.

I can guarantee this stuff really works, and the capsules are for a busy person, for someone who is on the go all the time. The capsule is the real deal.

The only hurtle I had was with the tea bag was the time – I had to go and make a pot of tea and let the tea bag settle in the bottom of the cup. I just found that time consuming, so I switched to the capsules and gave my lady friend who has this weight issue, I gave her 3 boxes of tea. She has the same question, how am I going to do this, you know brew the tea? She works as a health care assistant, and I said, “Look Anita, make enough tea and pour it into the bottles and mix it with something if you want to.” It has a good taste, but you can put a drop of lemon in it or drink it iced, you know the way the Americans drink their lemon iced tea. Instead of normal iced tea drink Oolong Iced tea with lemon in it.

Now, I have been taking it as mentioned or prescribed on the box 15 minutes before the meal and let me tell you I just feeling better… the Oolong has the feel good factor; you’re just sharper- your mind is sharper, your focus is sharper- you can sleep better. It’s just… you know… it’s not just fat burning… it has other health benefits, I know it has, I eat properly and I know that helps as well and I am not a regular exerciser, for sure, but because I have a farming background I am outside and indoors, so my life is varied. I have two dogs and when I get time I go for a walk with the dogs or they bring me for a walk whatever, so, That’s how it is… it defiantly has benefits, there’s no question about it.

The best result for me was that I got the weight down. I tried everything out there to try and get the weight down and metabolism up. Here’s another thing, your metabolism stays up, I know it has stayed up for me, so the benefit was I got weight down, because it was killing me and too much to bear.

It took me about 6 months to drop the weight as it is more a marathon, not a sprint

I tried different brands of Wulong or Oolong as it is called over here and I tried them as well. Yours is more of a light tan or red tea, where as the others were darker in color and they didn’t taste as good – like Robert Roberts to name one. Your Wulong is more expensive than the other brands I’ve seen here BUT it is way ahead in quality and taste, It’s worth the money.

PJ Cusack
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I lost 10 pounds and it was so easy!

“My daughter has been drinking the Wu-Long Slimming Tea for about 5 years now and suggested I try it since I wanted to lose some weight. Since I wasn’t a tea drinker, she recommended the capsules as they are the same thing only in a concentrated form. I was skeptical at first, but thought I might as well add it to my daily supplement routine. It can’t hurt and I was tired of diets that didn’t work.

That was about a year ago and I was shocked when I first stepped on the scales after taking the capsules for the last 6 months. I had lost 10 pounds and it was so easy! I would take 1 capsule in the morning before breakfast and eat a moderate breakfast. I would then take another capsule about 30 minutes before dinner and noticed that my appetite was greatly reduced! I did’t even have the urge to snack between meals!

I continue to take the capsules and every time I step on the scales, I’ve lost another 3-4 pounds without doing anything else but taking SlimTea capsules. I am thrilled to have found a weight loss program that I can follow with little effort. I have just another 5 pounds to go before I reach my goal weight and I couldn’t be happier! Maintaining the weight on this new body of mine will be a breeze as long as I keep taking the SlimTea Capsules!”

Martie Y
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My Thinking Is Much Clearer

I started using Wu-long Tea a couple of years ago- loved the taste. I started off every morning with it before breakfast and would drink 2 cups a day. It was part of my plan to lose weight and stay healthy. I ended up losing 20 lbs with the help of Wu-long. I am a Physician, and need to concentrate, and this tea helped me with my concentration, energy, and to get through my day. I am now on an auto refill plan for this tea. In addition, I have mild case of MS and this tea helps me to prevent numbness in my arms and legs, and feel better in general- my thinking is much clearer when I drink this tea. I highly recommend it.

Dr. David Henner
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I Feel More Energy!

Hi, I started drinking Wu Long Tea about 2 years ago now. Then, for my last batch, I received the new Slim Tea. All of that being said, I love the tea. I drink 2 cups a day 15 minutes before breakfast, and lunch. I add a good tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. The benefits for me with the Tea is not so much the weight loss, but I feel much better, more energy, and my skin has also benefited from the Tea and Lemon. It has become a part of my life’s routine. Thank you for this great product.

Sandra Brown
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Helps With My Complexion!

I don’t normally do these, but your product is superb. I love that it is certified organic. While I hope it helps with my weight, I know for a fact that it helps with my complexion. I ran out a while back and really did not think much of it. I just drank green tea instead. Two weeks later, I had breakouts! I’m 62 – I thought I was well past all of that! So, in comes the next auto-ship delivery and one week later my complexion was recovering!

Jacquelyn G.-Chattanooga, TN
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I Noticed A Difference Right Away!

I have been a customer since October 2007. I was reading a book about healthy living and Oolong Tea was recommended, specifically Wu-long Tea and the website was listed. I noticed a difference and loved the tea right away. I didn’t realize the skin/complexion benefits until I accidentally ran out. It definitely helps curb stress breakouts. Love the tea and love the auto ship after forgetting to reorder in time my first few years. Thanks!

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I Am About 8 lbs Lighter!

Hello, I started using your products about a year ago. I am taking 2 of the capsules and drinking one cup of tea a day. I am about 8 pounds lighter than I was a year ago when I started. I have reduced my Starbucks intake drastically as a result, enjoying your healthy tea instead!

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Can’t Imagine Not Drinking My Tea!

I have always been a person interested in “herbal” supplements and ways to help yourself without prescription drugs. I will admit being 59 and 3/4 it’s hard to lose weight. I am not an active person, I love to cook, but I cook healthy. I can’t imagine not drinking my tea daily. It’s part of my life FOREVER.”

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Great For My Health!

I have been using your tea and capsules for probably 8-10 yrs now. I use it for ALL the reasons it is good for. I was without it during travel and will never let that happen again!! It is great for my health and well being.

Results may vary from person to person

Complement To My Regiment!

I’ve been drinking WuLong tea every morning and taking a capsules before lunch everyday for years now. I do Crossfit and eat fairly clean so it is a great compliment to my daily regiment. My weight and metabolism are pretty much on point and that is key for as active as I am. Thank you for supplying such a great product!

Results may vary from person to person

Helped Me Lose 10 lbs!

I believe it has really helped keep me on track. It’s that 3:00 pm time that I start looking for something to eat. If I have a cup of Slim Tea, I forget about eating and I am fine till dinner. I like how it doesn’t amp you up and drinking it warm seems to soothe me. Several years ago I saw your ad and decided to try it for weight loss. I was impressed that it came directly from China at that time. I was really happy that there were no preservatives, no chemicals, no soy or corn, 100% GMO free. It helped me lose my last 10 lbs that I was trying to lose. Today I use it for maintenance and again help me with the mid-day hunger. I like the SlimTea website but since I am on an auto-ship plan, I wish I could go in and modify my plan myself.

Results may vary from person to person