Okuma’s WuLong Tea Saved My Life


Hi, my name is Debbie, and I have been enjoying Okuma Weight-Loss Tea for about 5 years now. I have struggled with weight most of my life – especially my teen years where I fluctuated from 200 lbs to 240 lbs at 5’10” tall.When I became a young adult, I was able to lose 50 pounds and maintain my weight in the mid 190s for several years. After a couple of pregnancies, my weight shot back up to about 270 and I started to exercise and lose weight again.

And then I fell. 

That injury started a downward spiral that eventually caused me to be totally disabled. To treat the myriad of health problems that ensued, I was eventually placed on high-dose steroids for several years.

In the first 2 months on the steroids, I gained 80 pounds and could not recognize my own face in a mirror!! I ended up gaining a total of 120 pounds from the steroids. My disability continued to worsen and I ended up chairfast and housebound for 3 1/2 years.

I would go for 2 or 3 months at a time and not even see my own bedroom or kitchen because I could not get in there without a wheelchair. My entire life was spent living in a recliner playing Facebook games because I was physically unable to do anything else.

I was no longer just disabled – I was dying. Literally.

I continued to gain weight, confined to a chair, until my weight reached a whopping 461 pounds!!!!

At that point, I nearly lost my life to heart problems. I suddenly realized that when the paramedics came, it would take at least 4 people to transport me, and if I had to have heart surgery, I would not survive.

My doctors knew it. I knew it. Getting hit in the face with the reality of impending death, and in order to live, I had to get gastric bypass surgery, is surely a wake up call.

When I presented to the weight-loss program, I weighed 461 pounds, had a 79 inch stomach and a 22 inch neck!!!!!! Even though I am fairly tall, my stomach was literally bigger around than my own height. I was told that in order to have the surgery needed to save my life, I had to lose 10% of the weight on my own!!! I was confined to a chair and could not exercise at all. I had tried and tried to diet without any weight loss for years and instead just kept gaining….I felt so helpless and scared.

And then I heard about Okuma WuLong Weight Loss Tea!!!! I researched it before I started drinking it to be sure it wasn’t just another weight loss scam.

My standards are high, as I was a nurse for nearly 30 years before becoming disabled.

I saw the tea on Dr. Oz and some morning talk shows, read research and decided this was worth a try. That first year, I used 2 tea bags a day, and I drank my tea faithfully. I also continued to eat a high protein, low/good carb, high fiber diet.

In the first month, I was shocked to find I had lost 9 pounds!!!

I had tried for several years to lose weight and couldn’t even lose 1 pound, and now I was losing, sitting in a chair unable to exercise, walk, or even stand!!

At the end of the year, I had lost the 10% weight required and was able to proceed with the surgery needed to save my life.

I continued drinking my Okuma tea faithfully except for a couple months post-op when coffee or tea are not allowed. Because of the nature of the stomach surgery, I now drink 2 large cups of tea that I make from 1 tea bag every single day.

In the year following surgery, I LOST 200 MORE POUNDS!!

Even my surgeon was shocked, saying that people don’t lose that much in one year, and that I was one of their greatest success stories. This coming from one of the premier university hospitals in the entire country, with one of the longest established bariatric centers!

I ended up with a total weight loss of over 250 pounds.

At that point, my surgeon told me it was considered normal to regain 20% of the weight I had lost. It happens to 80% of gastric bypass patients.

But with my Okuma tea and continuing to eat in a healthy manner, I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO MAINTAIN THAT WEIGHT LOSS FOR 4 YEARS!! My weight stays between 215 and 225 now, even though I have not yet had excess skin removal done.

I love my Okuma Weight-Loss Tea!! An added benefit is that it is a wonderful, rich, clean tasting tea that actually tastes like tea is supposed to. I am totally sold on it and hope I am able to get it for the rest of my life!! I thank God for my renewed life, and for giving me Okuma Weight-Loss Tea as an additional tool to get and keep that renewed life. WOOHOO!!!