Mushrooms, Garlic & Lemons…OH MY!

This week we are focusing on how to keep your immune system strong during this cold and flu season (and all year long, for that matter).

Yesterday, we gave you some simple hacks to add in more water each day and today we want to delve into the wonderful world of mushrooms, garlic and lemons – oh my!

Here’s a little info on why these 3 ingredients are so beneficial to your immune system…


This citrus fruit is very high in Vitamin C and has been shown to help reduce inflammation, swelling, and mucus production. Lemons also have antioxidant properties which are vital to a strong immune system and they neutralize the activity of free radicals in the body. Needless to say, nature has given us a pretty awesome natural remedy for all that ails us. Be sure to keep lots of lemons on hand to slice up and put in your water, squeeze over fish, eat raw, or zest in your favorite dish.


Garlic has some truly amazing immune-boosting properties. At just 4 calories per clove, it’s a low-cal immunity-boosting superstar. One clove contains 5 mg of calcium, 12 mg of potassium, and more than 100 sulfuric compounds — powerful enough to wipe out bacteria and infection (it was used to prevent gangrene in both world wars). Keep in mind, raw garlic, not cooked or dried, is most beneficial for health, since heat and water inactivate sulfur enzymes, which can diminish garlic’s antibiotic effects. Either way, adding more garlic to your meals will be beneficial for all!


Mushrooms provide a wide variety of health benefits including its antiviral properties. Mushrooms heighten the immune response by improving function of gamma delta T-cells. These cells act as guards and messengers, and the more you have, the better protected you are against illnesses like colds and flu. However, not all mushrooms are created equal. The white or button mushrooms you can find on the grocery store shelves (also Portobella and crimini mushrooms) are among a number of foods that contain natural carcinogens. One of the best mushrooms to look for is the Shiitake mushroom that contains a substance called eritadenine, which encourages body tissues to absorb cholesterol and lower the amount circulating in the blood.

So, what are some tasty recipes that incorporate these AMAZING immune-boosting ingredients?

Well, look no further…

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Try out one of these DELICIOUS recipes tonight to keep your family healthy all season long!

Check back throughout the week for more amazing tips!