I feel great, energized and I can actually feel my body clean of toxins!

I want to share with you another amazing transformation we received from Edgar R. 

Read his story below!


I’ve been drinking Oolong Tea for years now and I love it!!!! It’s the first thing that I do every morning.

I really like the flavor of this tea, I don’t even put any sugar or honey in it at all.

I’m 6’ 4” but even so, 280 lbs wasn’t the right weight for me.

I felt tired all the time, I was always dragging my rear end everywhere, my face was round (not to mention my double chin), and it seemed like I was wearing a spare tire on my belly at all times.

Now, 61 lbs less, at 219 lbs I feel great, energized, and I can actually feel my body clean of toxins.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a miracle tea. You have to combine it with a somewhat healthy lifestyle, but not too strict.

I have cheat meals, cheat days, hell, I even have cheat weeks here and there.

I did high impact exercise for a while but I have a bad knee so I decided to bring it down to a very mild exercise like just walking or low impact exercise routines. I still don’t exercise all the time.

My point is, Oolong Tea is a great supplement that will help you burn fat, ramp up your metabolism, feel energized, and clean your body of harmful toxins – all this without you killing yourself at the gym, starving yourself,  or eating like a bird. I recommend you give it a try, you will feel the difference since day one.


YOU LOOK AMAZING EDGAR!! Congrats on your weight loss success and keep it up!

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Yours in Health & Happiness,