Why Choose Okuma Nutritionals

Okuma Nutritionals is about providing premium, highly concentrated health products at an affordable price.
They have sold over 4 million boxes of their Premium Wu-Long Tea and continue to add new products.

Premium Health Products

Discover products with high concentration excluding all the chemicals and fillers.

All Natural Ingredients

The ingredients in Okuma Nutritionals products are 100% natural, gluten free and nut free.

Continue Your Active Lifestyle

Incorporate Okuma products into your healthy lifestyle to maximize incredible results.

No Diet Required

Continue eating your fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy will help maximize the results.

Dr. DeVore

Chief Medical Adviser

Hi there, I’m Dr. Karen DeVore N.D., the Chief Medical Adviser to Okuma Nutritionals.

I hold a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine specializing in a holistic and integrative approach to health, with a passion to making healthy living accessible to everyone.

As you browse our site, you will see that our products are specifically curated to support your daily health goals.

Each formulation is backed by rigorous clinical research and development, and are easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Join me and optimize your 3 Pillars of Health – Mind – Body – Nutrition

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Try Okuma’s Premium Oolong Tea Today!

With over 4 millions boxes of Oolong shipped since 1998, Okuma’s Oolong tea has become a highly desired oolong tea. It’s quality and taste can not be compared to most other teas on the market.


What Customers Say About Our Products

I’ve Lost 34 lbs!!

I was just recently engaged and knew I had a year to get my rear in gear… Nothing else worked for me until I started drinking Slimming Tea. Needless to say, I was nervous for my first Wedding Dress fitting. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on my dress and it fell off of my body! I lost 34 lbs and have kept it off for a whole year now. I cannot express how much this tea has helped change my life for the better… It also works to keep your immune system strong and your mind sharp, which is a huge plus!

Results may vary from person to person

I’ve Lost 23 lbs!!

My Slimming Tea gives me the ultimate weapon in my fight against obesity. I learned that I had leptin resistance… and a grehlin problem which sent me to the kitchen with ravenous hunger 2 hours after my 5 p.m. evening meal. The hunger pang only subsided after a cup of Slimming Tea. I dropped from 273 to 250 lbs… Plus Slimming Tea doesn’t give me the caffeine jitters since it only has 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee. And I am able to work out (for two hours every morning!) It is a new lease on life for me!

Results may vary from person to person

I’ve Lost 40 lbs!!

One year ago, I could barely squeeze into a size 14. I read an article on a local TV station’s web site about SlimTea. I started drinking two cups a day and began to lose about one pound every week. I consistently lost an average of 4-5 pounds a month, totaling a loss of over 40 pounds! I have continued eating my favorite foods, but am now satisfied with smaller portions. I am thrilled to be replacing my wardrobe with 6’s and 8’s rather than 14’s!

Results may vary from person to person